Invited abstracts

The abstracts of invited talks (Tutorials, Plenary Lectures and Progress Reports), will be accessible in electronic version from the Book of Abstracts that will be posted on the Conference Website. They will also be published in the Conference Handbook distributed to the participants.

The Tutorial lectures will be published in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, and the Plenary Talks, Progress Reports and Special Reports, as a regular issue of Journal of Physics: Conference Series, an online open-access journal that is freely available without restriction (see the ICPEAC 2017 JPCS Proceedings).

Information concerning the submission of the Invited Papers manuscript files (page limits, styles, etc.) will be provided on the Conference Website and sent by electronic mail to all Invited Speakers by 15 April 2019.

Regular abstracts

They will be reviewed by the ICPEAC Committees and assigned to appropriate oral or poster sessions. All accepted abstracts will be accessible in electronic version from the Conference Website and will appear in the Book of Abstracts. The list of all accepted regular abstracts will be published in the Conference Handbook.

It is intended that all accepted abstracts are published on line as part of the Conference Proceedings in Journal of Physics: Conference Series and authors will have the option to decline this publication.

26 Special Reports will be selected from the submitted abstracts to highlight the most recent developments. Please note that the synopsis of those abstracts will appear also in the Conference Handbook.

Deadline for regular abstract submission: 1 March 2019

Instruction for abstracts

The length of each abstract is strictly limited to one page. Abstracts should be informative, carefully prepared, with new insights stressed. The abstract should enable the ICPEAC Committees to judge the scientific merit of the paper.


Abstracts must be prepared using Word or LaTeX templates. The text of those templates provides detailed instructions on the preparation of regular abstracts. When using the templates, do not make changes or modifications to the page layout or paragraph styles. Only one figure is allowed (or zero). Before submission the abstract must be converted to the PDF format. It should look like this sample abstract. The file size should not exceed 1 Mb.

Note: The PDF file of the abstract should be named as “Einstein_A.pdf”, where “Einstein” is the full family name of the first author, followed by an underscore “_“, then the first letter “A” of the initials of the given name of the first author. In case you submit more than one abstract, a number _1, _2,... should be appended to the initials of the given name, e.g. “Einstein_A_1.pdf”, "Einstein_A_2.pdf".


When your abstract is ready, proceed to the abstract submission page. To access the submission page you will first need to create a user account on the ConfTool Conference Administration platform for ICPEAC 2019. You will then be able to submit, verify and modify all your submitted contributions from the page “Your Submissions” of your ConfTool account.

To complete your submission you will have to fill the submission form and upload the corresponding files:

  • 1st file: camera ready pdf file of your abstract
  • 2nd file: source file (doc, docx or tex) of your abstract

If your abstract includes a figure it is mandatory to upload a 3rd file:

  • 3rd file: source file (png, jpg, eps or pdf) of the figure

Note: the source files will be used ONLY to correct very minor typos or format mistakes. To avoid several useless email exchanges with the authors, the Local Organizing Committee will do it for you!

To guarantee being considered by the ICPEAC Committees, all regular abstracts must be submitted before 1 March 2019. Please note that any submitted abstract, even if accepted by the ICPEAC Committees, will not be included in the Conference Program should an author fail to register for the conference.

Note: At least one of the authors or co-authors should be registered for the conference, the deadline for early–bird registration being 17 May 2019.

Acceptance and publication

All valid abstracts prepared according to the guidelines will be considered by the ICPEAC Committees. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will be notified by e-mail in April 2019. It is intended that all accepted abstracts are published as part of the Conference Proceedings in JPCS, the Journal of Physics: Conference Series under the IOP Proceedings Licence. Authors will be asked at the time of submission if they decline the publication of their abstract in the JPCS. All accepted abstracts will appear also in the Book of Abstracts of the conference that will be available online via the Conference Website. Please keep in mind that at least one of the authors or co-authors should be registered for the conference.

Despite the detailed explanations and instructions provided, if you encounter major difficulties to submit your abstract you can contact, but please do so only if necessary.


More information to come.

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